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Arkage is the first post-digital agency in Italy. We create engaging experiences that blur the line between online and offline.

The coronavirus pandemic has led us to experience something completely new. We sense the world has changed: we know this is temporary, but it doesn’t feel that way, and we realize things will be different. This is only the starting point of a long lasting change.

Arkage is an ark of professionals that can help you navigate the post-digital age. We believe that creativity and communication can change the future for the better. Inspired by the arts and thankful to nature, we commit to producing a positive impact on our Planet. Arkage is a Certified B Corp and has committed to being Carbon Net Zero by 2030.

F205 is our business unit dedicated to Customer Experience and Customer Centricity helping companies surpass customers' expectations.

Thanks to its team and its partnership with first class technologies, F205 merges a deep understanding of the communication environment with a specialization in experience management.

F205 founded CXPA Italian Network and is part of 'Osservatorio Omnichannel e Customer Experience' of Politecnico di Milano.

Nuborn is our business unit for impact communication, in collaboration with Nativa, the very first Italian B Corp.

We help brands empower their sustainability path and communicate to all their stakeholders.

Many new competences are on board, in an era of fabulously post-digital technology, to express the full potential of communication in the best possible way.

Data drives all we do.

We use Artificial Intelligence to make your companies' advertising campaign evolve and perform better.

Non Profit: use Data-powered Fundraising to generate new donations unlocking the potential of your CRM.

For Profit: leverage Data-powered Creativity to better understand your customers and improve the performance of your marketing.




As a Certified B Corp, Arkage believes that businesses can and must have a positive impact on the planet. Arkage has committed to being Carbon Net Zero by 2030.


Part of the B Corp Climate Collective


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